Turn off the TV… at the Gym

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Turn off the TV… at the Gym

When you hop on a bike at the gym, what are you most focused on? Is it how many miles you’re going to hit? Is it the calories you’re going to burn? Or is it what’s on the TV?

A new study is out which points to evidence that a shocking 77% of people who are using bikes at the gym are focused on the television instead of their workout.

There is nothing inherently wrong with watching TV while at the gym, but the problem arises when you are not pushing yourself because you care more about what’s on the screen. Those kinds of distractions may make it easier to haul yourself to the gym in the first place, but it’s probably bad news while you’re there.

So just make sure that when you are going to the gym, you’re not using it as another source of mindless entertainment. Because if you’re more focused on a sitcom than your workout, you’re probably not getting a very good workout.

Also, if you happen to be one of the 3% of people who use their workout time to scroll through dating apps, we’d like to know how that has helped or hurt your success rate.

There are TWO exceptions to the advice in this piece;

  1. Rest Day. If you need to take it easy because the previous day was an intense workout, or your muscles are sore from a race or other intense workout, then doing light cycling or other cardio is a good idea. Adding a little tv watching might make your off day a little more enjoyable.
  2. Last Resort. If you know yourself – and you know that the only way you are going to do some exercise is if you plug into some entertainment while you’re moving, then OK. A little exercise watching TV is better than … just watching TV.

-Shane M.