Does Weed Make You a Better Athlete?

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Does Weed Make You a Better Athlete?

As this article points out about halfway through, we simply don’t know a lot about pot, at least when it comes to what it does to you when you put Weedies WEB 1109down the bong and try to do something more physical than calling the pizza guy. While it is legal in certain states, its federal ban has hobbled extensive research. But according to some elite athletes, and at least one single-person study, marijuana may actually be good for you – at least when it comes to sports and exercise.

The article cites an accomplished triathlete who says edibles help him “train smarter” and details a correspondent for Outside magazine who went through a battery of tests while high to see if he performed better. He was able to run on a treadmill longer after an edible, and he noted a quicker recovery from soreness. His anxiety also decreased when skiing, allowing him to try things he wouldn’t have sober. Of course, that is not exactly safe, if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

It seems that right now there are two real risks to getting physical activity while high; 1. Your heart rate elevates, which could be dangerous if you’re already trying to push yourself to the max. 2. your reaction times and motor skills could be impaired to the point where you end up making mistakes or having an accident. And, of course, having the munchies after every workout is going to spoil your diet.

But, if you are able to legally obtain an edible (spare your lungs and skip the smoke), and you’re not trying anything too risky, you may want to be a guinea pig before more official research comes out.