Does Weed Relieve Pain After a HIIT Workout?

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Does Weed Relieve Pain After a HIIT Workout?

The hazy connections between exercise and weed are far from being cleared up, but this article tries to point to at least some of the ways in which a few puffs or an edible gummy may be what the doctor ordered when it comes to finding ways to counteract some of the more unpleasant after-effects of exercise.

There are almost no medical studies on how marijuana can aid a workout, because while it is legal in a handful of states, the federal guidelines still prevent such things. But there are some vague ideas that researchers have about what it can do. Here is the most educational section from the article, comparing marijuana with what you probably use to get rid of soreness:

The relief is probably comparable to what you’d get from taking an Advil after a run…but it’s less risky. All NSAIDs—that’s nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which include ibuprofen and all its derivatives—come with a risk, even slight, when you combine them with exercise…If you’re dehydrated, for example, NSAIDs can increase your risk of rhabdo or full-blown kidney failure. Long-term NSAID use can contribute to ulcers…

Now, as we said, weed is still illegal on the federal level, so if you’re not in a state that yet allows this you will probably want to leave the experimenting to other people so you don’t run up against Johnny Law.

But if it is legal where you are and you’ve been curious to see if getting high would be good after a high-intensity workout, it may not hurt to give it a shot. Just try and find the kind of marijuana that works best for you. There are plenty of different kinds to choose from at local dispensaries. And the health claims they make go way beyond “relieves sore muscles…” – and we are a bit skeptical because there are no rigorous studies proving the medical claims of weed.

-Shane M.