Why Stress Fractures May be Worse for Vegans

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Why Stress Fractures May be Worse for Vegans

Stress fractures are one of the more troubling risks for runners, the tiny cracks in your bones that can come from overtraining.

And for many of us it seems like nothing much can be done — we either have to stop running or we deal with the risk. But this article notes that these kinds of fractures may be more common in people who are not getting enough vitamin D and calcium, which can often be the case for vegetarians and vegans.

But this can also affect older people and kids/teenagers who are starting to run but need to deal with their growth plates which are at even greater risk of developing these fractures.

What is most important is that you make sure you are getting the proper nutrients and not ignoring any issues that may arise.

Stress fractures are no joke, and if you want to continue to get that high that comes from running, these need to be managed. If you do get tiny fractures, give them time to heal. You can always come to Cardio High and work on HIIT using your upper body and your core muscles.

-Shane M.