Sunny Side Up: High Cholesterol Foods Not Evil?

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Sunny Side Up: High Cholesterol Foods Not Evil?

fried-eggThere is some egg-citing news for people who want a little more delicious cholesterol in their meals.

While researchers still consider saturated and trans fats bad news, many foods that we have been told to avoid for decades — since 1961, in fact — are now being considered a-okay if you’d like to bring them back onto the table. That includes eggs, liver, seafood, cheese and beef.

Now, it isn’t like science just woke up today and decided cholesterol wasn’t bad for us; it’s been in progress for a long time but only now has the “the nation’s top nutrition advisory panel” decided to drop their warnings, according to this article. This panel has not seen any compelling evidence that high-cholesterol foods have any ill effects on our blood cholesterol and, while it should still be avoided by those with diabetes, pretty much everyone else can dig in.

The low-cholesterol foods we saw so much through the 80s and 90s may fade into obscurity, along with fears that eggs are the devil’s food. Though it may take a few years before people believe the claims.

Maybe it’s time for a Cool Hand Luke remake.