Your Weight Means Nothing if You Don’t Exercise

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Your Weight Means Nothing if You Don’t Exercise

We tend to decide whether or not we should hit the gym based on how we look in the mirror. But a new study shows that those who may feel skinny are as unhealthy as someone who’s obese.

Here is what researchers in the Netherlands did, according to this article:

Researchers in the Netherlands gathered data from 5,344 middle-aged and older people living in Rotterdam who reported their exercise habits, as well as their height and weight measurements to determine their body mass index. The scientists also collected information on the group’s rates of heart disease and stroke over 15 years.

This study revealed two things: Those who are overweight or obese are more likely to have heart problems… if they did not exercise. Those who were overweight but exercised actually had hearts that were closer to those who were not overweight or obese.
People in the study who were NOT overweight and did NOT exercise were as likely to have heart problems as those who were overweight.
So while you can use your waistline as one metric, don’t think that once you drop a pants size you can also drop your exercise routine.
-Shane M.