About Us

About Us

About Cardio High Gym

Cardio High operates a clean gym with a friendly atmosphere in Newton, MA. Our innovative approach to fitness combines fast paced interval training with low impact movement, so clients get a great workout that leaves them with a cleansed, energetic feeling. All clients wear Polar heart rate monitors, so that they learn to train at their own pace.

Cardio High trainers provide guidance and motivation, so clients train with proper form and push themselves safely to their limits. Studies show that people continue to burn fat for up to 36 hours following a high intensity workout. It’s a great way to get fit fast.

Our Team

Our Gym Story

Mark Goodman played lots of squash, tennis and Ultimate Frisbee in his 30s and 40s, paying for it with plenty of shoulder, back and leg injuries. As he got older, Mark wanted to continue experiencing that incredible high from intense sports but without the risk of soreness and injury.
That is what inspired the Cardio High workout.

Mark worked with a variety of trainers and coaches, asking each to raise his heart rate without straining his body. He also participated in dozens of different fitness classes looking for high-intensity movements with minimal impact.

Armed with a range of ideas, Mark tested the various programs with trainers, clients, physical therapists and corrective exercise guru Aaron Brooks, the founder of Perfect Postures. This led to the core set of exercises that form the Cardio High workout.

Since the very beginning, Mark has worked on adapting Cardio High to many levels of fitness, from athletes intent on improving speed and stamina to those looking to get in shape with a safe, intense workout. The Cardio High team at our gym are focused on making Cardio High varied and fun.


“I look forward to a Cardio High workout. It’s fun, interesting and intense. The gym is always clean, and the heart rate and calorie display is great training feedback too!”

  • 11 sessions for $132 in 30 days


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