Cardio High - Group Fitness Interval Training

Cardio High operates an innovative gym in Newton where we offer clients a group fitness interval training workout combining low impact and high intensity movement.

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New Study May Have Found the Best Way to Warm Up

FIFA 11+. That is not the most memorable name, but you’ll want to keep it on file because according to a new meta-study it may be the best way to warm up before a workout, if you want to reduce the chances of being injured during your workout. This meta-study[…]

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What Time of Day Is Best To Workout?

Pretty much everything you need to know is explained in this sub-minute video, including a few things we won’t discuss. But in case you don’t want to sit through the pre-roll ad, essentially the video says most evidence points to late afternoon as the best time to work out. But,[…]

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How to be Smart About Your Coffee Addiction

We are not anti-coffee here at Cardio High. In fact we have published articles that support drinking coffee before a workout. But we also know that some people get you into trouble because they think they need to guzzle it constantly to adequately function. A new study may be useful as a guide[…]

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