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Exploring Intensity

Great News for Tennis Players

For those of us who like competition and teamwork, there is some great news in a new study about what kind of physical activity is good for your health. A Danish study looked at 8,500 subjects who were all fairly healthy. They answered a long list of questions and then[…]

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Turn off the TV… at the Gym

When you hop on a bike at the gym, what are you most focused on? Is it how many miles you’re going to hit? Is it the calories you’re going to burn? Or is it what’s on the TV? A new study is out which points to evidence that a[…]

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Sorry, but Another Study Links Bacon to Cancer

The cost of delicious grows ever steeper as a new study connects foods like hot dogs, bacon and other processed food to an increased risk of breast cancer. A meta-study looked at the data from 16 previous studies. Now, all these studies were observational, and that certainly is less definitive,[…]

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There is no New Gut Bacteria Miracle Pill

Hundreds of scientists are studying the role of bacteria in our GI systems to understand their role and to see if there are ways to improve how people feel by altering the bacteria. We recently read through an article about a study to determine if one specific bacteria (or lack[…]

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Case Study: How Did Sue S. Drop Weight?

We occasionally like to highlight the fitness improvements of clients who make excellent strides improving their strength and speed. Sue S. is a client who recently dropped more than 35 pounds in a couple of months. We are not fans of rapid weight loss because that weight usually comes back[…]

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For Your Health, Buy a Dog

If you were looking for another reason to love your pup, then you can add “makes me exercise” to the list. At least that is what we’re learning from this new study looking at how dog ownership affects your exercise habits. British scientists gave in-depth questionnaires to 700 people from[…]

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