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Cardio High Studio Pricing

10 Studio Class Series for $280
5 Studio Class Series for $150
Unlimited Studio Classes for $300 per month

Livestream Cardio High

Experience Cardio High sessions via livestream every day. We are one of the only workout programs that offers a combination of high intensity exercise and low impact movement. Cardio High integrates a dynamic warm-up with intervals that combine strength, cardio, functional movement, and core exercises. We also use corrective exercises to help reduce pain with postural improvement – from our friends at Perfect Postures.

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Cardio High Livestream Reviews

“After the Cardio High livestream I felt better, had more mobility, energy and lack of pain than I have had in….. couldn’t tell you.” (Deb G.)

“That was a great class! I was sweating! Thank you so much. I credit you for keeping me ‘sane’ during all this craziness.” (Julie A.)

“The class was terrific this morning! Thanks so much for getting this all going. I feel hopeful I can get thru this time with this added to my home regime.” (Kate W.)

“Excellent class! Adding this to the top of my list ‘Crucial quotidian COVID quarantine commitments.” (Kana S.)

Not familiar with Cardio High?

We are a Newton gym offering small group classes adapted for all fitness levels. Our innovative approach to fitness combines fast paced interval training with low impact movement. This allows clients get a great workout that leaves them with a cleansed, energetic feeling. Cardio High trainers provide guidance and motivation, so clients train with proper form and push themselves safely to their limits.

Scientifically Proven

Studies show that people continue to burn fat for up to 36 hours following a high intensity workout. High intensity interval training is also linked to reversing the signs of aging.

The Cardio High Experience

We use heart rate monitors to help clients understand high-intensity training. However, our version of group fitness has far less impact.

If you like spinning, you will find that Cardio High offers the same cardio. But our classes offer more variety of movement and work more muscle groups with less repetition.

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